3D Films

Movies are a fantastic source of entertainment in every household and movie house. With the evolution of film industry comes a technology which is widely embraced by people all across the globe. And this is the 3D technology in recent movies nowadays. With the advent of modern technology, 3D films are gaining popularity in the entire world. There is a significant increase in the population of 3D films that are released year after year, which means people love to watch these types of movies. In fact, a lot of blockbuster movies in today’s time are in 3D format. Movie producers and directors are investing money, time, and effort to produce worth-the-money 3D films.

What is a 3D film?

3D technology has given more life and excitement to the film industry. A 3D (three dimensional) film is a motion picture which has to do with the enhancement of depth perception (the ability to see the world in three dimensions). In 3D films, the movie characters seem to “jump off” the screen and appear to be very realistic to its viewers, as if they were also included in the film or interacting with the characters. With its rising popularity, 3D films are growing in numbers. To make the effect more realistic, movie goers are provided with 3D glasses.

How does it work?

3d-cinema-screens3D films are made possible with the use of 3D glasses. These glasses are made of red and blue lenses. In order to make the illusion work, 3D glasses feed different images into your eyes. With these glasses, you will feel like you are part of the action. 3D movies are done with the use of two side by side lenses and when the two videos are simultaneously projected; your brain does the visual illusion of a 3 dimensional image with the use of 3D glasses. When a character is shooting a gun, you would feel like you were the one who is being shot. When a plane is crashing, you also feel like you were inside the plane which gives a more intense emotion during the action. You are not just simply watching the film; you will feel like you were with the characters in everything they do in the film.

What movie goers have to say about 3D films?

3D technology has made movie watching more exciting and realistic. However, there are critics who are not fully convinced that 3D films are entertaining. For them, 3D technology doesn’t really add a whole new experience. Instead, it only caused them nausea and headache after watching the movie. Plus, they felt uncomfortable while watching the film not to mention the movie seemed to be dim. However, there are movie enthusiasts who highly appreciate 3D films as this type of movies offer a more realistic format than an ordinary film. Thus, 3D films have given them the kind of entertainment they are looking for.

With the evolution of film industry, it’s good to know that 3D films are gaining popularity all across the globe. It only means that the movie industry has taken one step higher.